Nutritionist called foods inconsistent with champagne

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The right snack will help to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract from drinking champagne and other sparkling wines. About this in an interview with said the Russian nutritionist Yevgeny Arzamastsev.

According to the expert, the best appetizers for champagne are lean fish or poultry, cheese, vegetables and fruits. Moreover, they are easy to digest and do not contribute to weight gain.

The expert warns that the use of foods rich in fat, such as, for example, mascarpone, butter and mayonnaise do not mix well with sparkling wine and can cause exacerbation of pancreatitis, heaviness, nausea, and bloating.

Meat, especially fatty pork, also doesn’t go well with champagne. The next day, notes Arzamastsev, a person may become ill.

“There are sugars in champagne, and protein combined with them can give heaviness in the stomach and intestines, bloating. These products are not very compatible with each other, ”the expert emphasized.

The dietitian also included chocolate, candy, marmalade, toffee, and other sweets on the junk food list. Along with sparkling wine, sugary foods raise glucose levels in the body. The regular combination of these products with champagne can lead to a disruption in the metabolism of the hormone insulin and the development of diabetes.

On December 17, doctors warned Russians against mixing alcoholic beverages, in particular, a combination of grain and grape alcohol should be avoided.

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