North Korea: nearly 60 bridges and some 2,000 homes destroyed by typhoon

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Typhoon Maysak, which swept through North Korea last week, destroyed nearly 60 bridges and damaged or flooded more than 2,000 homes, the state press reported on Wednesday.

The torrential rains that accompanied last week’s passage through Maysak caused flooding and extensive damage to the eastern seaboard. It was followed earlier this week by Typhoon Haishen.

Maysak “destroyed or flooded” more than 2,000 houses and dozens of public buildings in the affected areas, KCNA said.

About sixty kilometers of roads and 59 bridges collapsed while more than 3,500 meters of railroad tracks were “washed away”, the same source said.

Storm Maysak forced the authorities “to change course” in terms of central planning planned “by the end of the year,” North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told the Workers’ Party top committee in the United States. power, according to the official North Korean agency KCNA.

However, no details were given on this subject.

Natural disasters generally cause more damage in North Korea than in South Korea, in particular because of the fragility of North Korean infrastructure. The country is also very vulnerable to the risk of flooding due to deforestation.

On Sunday, Kim ordered 12,000 party members based in Pyongyang to come to the aid of two rural provinces that suffered extensive damage during Maysak’s passage.

They took part in a rally in Pyongyang on Tuesday before being dispatched to these regions.

“We are not afraid of anything,” said Kang Chol Jin, a party member at the rally held in front of the Kumsusan Sun Palace, which houses the balmy remains of Mr. Kim’s predecessor and father, as well. than that of his grandfather, the founder of the Kim Il Sung regime.

“We confirm our firm determination to visit the areas affected by the typhoons and complete our missions as soon as possible,” Kang added.

Residents applauded and waved flowers during the parade through the streets of the capital of the participants in this rally, all in uniform.

Mr. Kim gave them until October 10, the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ruling party, to complete their mission.

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