Neurologist told how to delay Alzheimer’s disease

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This form of dementia usually develops in people over fifty.

People do not yet have ways to completely prevent it, but there are some ways to prevent it, writes the Federal News Agency.

The recommendations were made by the senior employee of the Laboratory of General Geriatrics and Neurogeriatrics of the PCP “Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center” of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia Elen Mkhitaryan.

So, she noted that the disease can occur in any person. The probability is 10% or more if there were Alzheimer’s patients among the relatives. The main help in delaying illness is physical activity.

Helen Mkhitaryan emphasized that she does not mean heavy loads, but for example gymnastics and walking on the street. She advises to do exercises in sets of at least ten minutes, she calls hypodynamia the main risk factor.

It is also necessary to monitor the state of your brain: special exercises and math problems will strengthen your memory. In people with good memory, the disease manifests itself later. The expert advises to regularly solve Sudoku, crosswords.

Another factor influencing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease is nutrition. It is important to stick to a healthy lifestyle to delay the illness.

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