Names of people on whose orders trees will be sawn in Saratov

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On the website of the Saratov administration, an order of the head of the city, Mikhail Isaev, appeared on the creation in the administrative center of the composition of the commission to control the conservation and creation of green spaces. Recall that the decision to create such a commission after numerous complaints from Saratov residents about the uncontrolled felling of green spaces in the city. Ekaterina Zakharchenko was appointed head of the commission (pictured). Two deputies have been appointed – Yuri Vasiliev and Denis Korol. Tatyana Korneeva will become the secretary.

23 people will decide whether to cut down a particular tree. Among them are the heads of departments of administrations of Saratov districts – from the Volzhsky district Yuri Oskin, from the Oktyabrsky district Maxim Shlyakov, from the Kirovsky district Vadim Trifonov. Frunzensky District will be represented by Alexander Yunev, Zavodskoy – Yevgeny Plotnikov and Leninsky – Artem Kislitsa.

Svetlana Bobrova, chief specialist of the department for traffic safety, landscaping and transport, and Elena Shirshova, a consultant from the architecture committee, joined the commission. It is noteworthy that she works in the department of redevelopments and changes in the status of premises.

Some of the members of the commission have a “floating” status, they will be included in it not on a permanent basis, but by agreement.

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