In the USA, two shoppers fought at the checkout over social distance

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In the American city of Colorado Springs, two women got into a fight in line at the supermarket checkout over social distancing. This will be reported on August 6 by The Sun.

As it became known to the publication, the incident occurred on July 31. According to an eyewitness, one customer asked another to take a step back because she violated the permissible distance due to the coronavirus equal to 6 feet (1.82 meters), and pushed her cart.

In response, the woman defiantly moved forward. After that, the first one began to dump the opponent’s products from the conveyor belt. A fight followed. It is noted that the women hit each other for several minutes and pulled their hair until the cashier parted them.

A witness to the incident said that the woman who complained about the violation of social distance was aggressive and herself violated epidemiological measures – she did not wear a medical mask.

The police detained her for the assault. It turned out to be 60-year-old Laura Barr.

On August 2, it became known that the passengers of the plane flying from Amsterdam to Ibiza had a fight because one of the tourists refused to use a protective mask.

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