Named the most popular cat breeds among Russians

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Russians most often have Maine Coons, British, Bengal and Siberian cats. This was announced on Saturday, August 8, by the President of the International Felinological Association Elena Shevchenko.

“The British cat breed is one of the most popular among Russians because they look like teddy bears. Maine Coons are still popular, because they are big, and the Russian person loves big cats. Siberians of traditional colors are also one of the most popular, they are large, elegant, beautiful and easy to keep. Bengal cats are still popular because they look like a wild animal, they have smooth hair with beautiful spots, “Shevchenko said in a conversation with the Moscow city news agency.

She stressed that sphinxes, orientals and Scottish folds are no less popular, writes

In addition, according to her, people began to have cats more often during quarantine, as “a person wanted to have some part of nature, someone with whom you can communicate, play.”

In March, it became known that Russians are twice as likely to photograph cats than dogs. Cats are in the lead in all 10 large cities, except for Moscow.

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