“Naked” photo of Asmus in the bathroom excited fans

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Actress Christina Asmus continues to delight fans with unexpected and sometimes candid photos and videos. This happens after it became known about her divorce from comedian Garik Kharlamov.

This time she posted her “naked” photo in the bathroom on the Web. In the frame, she sits with her back to the camera. “I got divorced to post this picture,” the girl wrote on Instagram.

The hashtags with which she accompanied the picture were called “divine” by subscribers. Among them were “kharlashkuzhalko”, “she never knows how to sell herself”, “repent to my daughter”, “vanischlorhexidine”, “my favorite porn actress” and many others.

There was also a place for jokers in the comments. “Garik is simply obliged to lay out the same one,” says one of them.

“What a cool huge bathroom,” said another user.

“We knew it,” – said another user.

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