Christian university president dismissed after controversial photo

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The president of a large private Christian American university, Jerry Falwell, has gone on indefinite leave after posting a controversial photo of him and a young woman with her pants open.

The 58-year-old, whose father was one of the country’s best-known televangelists, posted the snapshot himself on Instagram, showing him standing on a private yacht with a hand around a young woman’s waist – whom he later said was his wife’s assistant.

They both wear a broad smile and have their zippers down a few inches. The photo has since been deleted.

In a brief statement, the Christian University said on Friday that its board of trustees had asked Mr Falwell to “take indefinite leave from his duties as president and chancellor of Liberty University, which he agreed to,” with immediate effect”.

On local WLNI radio, Jerry Falwell said he and this woman were at a fancy dress party and wanted to “just have fun”.

He felt that he should never have published this photo, ensuring that he apologized to everyone and promised his children to be “good” now.

Liberty University has a strict policy for students, who must “dress modestly and appropriately at all times” while on campus and “avoid appearing inappropriate.”

Mr. Falwell has been a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, who appeared on campus twice before his election in 2016.

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