Nagiyev and Bezrukov accused of promoting AUE

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In Russia, actors are to blame for the popularization of the criminal culture of AUE (banned in Russia), among them Dmitry Nagiyev and Sergei Bezrukov, conflictologist Mikhail Orsky said in an interview with URA.RU.

Orskiy noted that the first “aueshnik” in culture is the Wolf from “Well, you wait!”, Which does not work, breaks laws and “represses” the positive hero – the hare. But it is he who causes sympathy. But this does not mean that the director Kotenochkin, who created the cartoon, needs to be prosecuted. The same is with the artists who starred in the TV series “Brigade”, “Gangster Petersburg”, “Fizruk”, where the criminal subculture is also presented in a positive light.

“Maybe we should immediately dismiss Nagiyev and Bezrukov right from the set and initiate a criminal case for propaganda?” – Orsk asked a rhetorical question. He is convinced that the prescription of criminal liability for the propaganda of AUE does not make sense, since there is already a criminal article “On the involvement of minors in criminal activity.” Otherwise, the security forces will receive an “additional baton”, the conflictologist warns.

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