Lebanese President urged to change the political system amid crisis

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Lebanese President Michel Aoun called for abandoning the confessional system of forming power in Lebanon and turning it into a secular state. This was reported by “RIA Novosti”.

Aoun made a statement to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the state of Greater Lebanon, as well as against the backdrop of ongoing crises in the country and the tragedy caused by the explosion in the port of Beirut, which destroyed half of the Lebanese capital and killed 190 people.

The President said that he undertakes to call for dialogue between spiritual authorities and political leaders in order to come to an acceptable formulation for all, which will be reflected in the corresponding amendments to the constitution.

He also added that the country needs a new understanding of the management of affairs, which would be based on the citizenship and secularity of the state, and pointed out that due to the division of power along confessional lines, at the moment Lebanon is several republics, not one.

The explosion in the port of Beirut in Lebanon occurred on 4 August. As a result, more than 150 people died, more than 6 thousand were injured. The explosion completely or partially destroyed about 4 thousand buildings. According to the preliminary version, the incident occurred due to the ignition of 2.7 tons of ammonium nitrate during welding.

Against the background of the tragedy in Lebanon, protests began by those dissatisfied with the country’s government.

On August 10, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced the resignation of the government. According to him, “the system of corruption was stronger than the Lebanese state.” As the minister added, the government sought to save the country, but the decades in power began to persecute the cabinet of ministers and turned the people against it.

On 9 August, protesters in Beirut broke into the Lebanese Ministry of Labor and the Lebanese Ministry of Displaced Persons. Clashes between protesters and security officials in the Lebanese capital also continued. Earlier, the media reported about clashes near the building of the country’s parliament.

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