Mortality has decreased on Sakhalin

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Medical reform in the region has reduced overall mortality from disease. If we compare the first half of 2020 and 2019, then deaths from diseases of the circulatory system have decreased by a quarter, and from neoplasms – by 16 percent.
The positive result is largely due to the emergence of modern equipment on the islands: an ultrasound machine for screening mammary glands at the CDC, a magnetic resonance imaging scanner at the Ankudinov hospital, high-quality angiographs at the regional hospital and the Tymov Central District Hospital. There are 11 new C-class reanimation vehicles in the municipalities.
Equally important is the availability of professional personnel: in six months, 105 new medical specialists and 47 mid-level health workers settled in the region. Telemedicine has developed, which is especially important for settlements remote from the center. The system of FAPs is expanding.

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