Finnish TV channel corrected the map with Crimea at the request of Ukraine

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The Ukrainian Embassy in Finland protested over the demonstration of Crimea as part of Russia on the Finnish YLE TV channel.

On August 22, diplomats posted an angry post on Facebook and called on the TV station to immediately correct the maps.

“The embassy draws the attention of YLE to the fact that it is unacceptable to mark on its maps Crimea, which was illegally annexed … as part of Russia,” the Ukrainian diplomatic agency reported to

According to a post published a few hours later, Finnish journalists corrected the map. The diplomats thanked the TV channel and urged no more mistakes.

Crimea returned to Russia in 2014 following a referendum in which most of the region’s residents voted for reunification. Ukraine still refuses to recognize the voting results and considers the peninsula its territory.

The designation of Crimea as a Russian region abroad appears more and more often.

So, in April, Kiev expressed dissatisfaction with the indication of the Russian peninsula in Estonian textbooks. The head of the Congress of Ukrainians in Estonia Inna Konyk sent a letter to the Ministry of Education and Science of the republic with a request to investigate this issue.

At the same time, the Russian Embassy in Estonia said that any corrections in the textbooks do not negate the fact that Crimea has been reunited with the Russian Federation.

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