More than a third of Russians spend 20% of their working time talking with colleagues

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Approximately 39% of Russians are distracted during work by communicating with colleagues, and more than a third (30%) of them spend on this one fifth of their working time. This was reported on December 26 by TASS with reference to the results of a study of the HeadHunter job search platform.

“21% of working respondents say they spend 91% to 100% of their time directly at work during a typical workday. Another 24% say that the share of their work time is 81-90%, ”the text says.

At the same time, it is noted that women more often chose higher values ​​than men. In addition, the survey showed that young job seekers spend less time on work than older ones.

Most often, survey participants are distracted by communication with colleagues – 39%. Other major distractions include social media and news reading. Every fifth (22%) respondent assured that they are not distracted by anything.

At the same time, 38% of working respondents said that they spend up to 20% of their time on communication with colleagues. The share of such survey participants is higher among those employed in the scientific and educational (50%) and banking (48%) spheres.

Almost all working time (91-100%) for communication with colleagues is spent by every tenth jobseeker from the security sector. Slightly less time (81–90% of the working day) is spent on interacting with colleagues every tenth worker in the field of raw materials extraction.

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