More than 30 thousand cars drove along the Tavrida highway in the first day

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Over 30 thousand cars drove along the Tavrida highway from Kerch to Sevastopol in the first day after the opening of the labor movement. This was announced on Saturday, August 29, by the press service of the Russian Ministry of Transport.

“Half of this flow passed by bypassing Simferopol towards Sevastopol or in the opposite direction. Such data were obtained thanks to the traffic meter installed on the overpass over the main course of the highway at the beginning of the bypass of Simferopol, ”the ministry said in a statement.

In addition, the ministry clarified that from 20:00 Moscow time on August 27 to 20:00 Moscow time on August 28, 15.3 thousand cars drove through the fifth stage of Tavrida, of which 10,378 were heading towards Sevastopol, 4922 – in the direction of Kerch …

“Before the start of the working traffic on the four lanes of Tavrida, all this transit flow went through the capital of Crimea, overloading the city’s road network,” the Ministry of Transport noted.

The ministry emphasized that the opened traffic along the main transport artery of the peninsula “allowed to significantly reduce travel time for motorists heading to Sevastopol and the Bakhchisarai region.” Now drivers are relieved of the need to travel through Simferopol.

The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the builders of the Tavrida highway. The head of state congratulated on the completion of the main stage of construction and thanked for the good work.

The President personally opened traffic on four lanes of the highway. The head of state drove an Aurus along the road. The Russian leader offered to connect the main road of Crimea with its resorts.

The track was built for almost 3.5 years, the work took 3 million tons of asphalt and 20 million cubic meters. m of soil. 5.5 thousand specialists worked on the construction. The construction was completed four months earlier. Thanks to the opening of the highway, the road from Kerch to Sevastopol takes about three hours. The builders of Tavrida were awarded by the head of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

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