Bridge in Kalmyk regional center is being renewed

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In the regional center of the Tselinny region, one more section of the road will be improved. This is the carriageway along Lenin Street in the village of Troitskoye, where a dam has been laid across the village pond, – a rather dangerous place, since it has been in an emergency condition for many years.

It is worth noting that the dam was reinforced several years ago. But the repairs carried out worsened the appearance of the already crumbling asphalt concrete pavement.

Residents of Troitsky have repeatedly appealed to the district administration with a request to repair the site. And so the authorities decided to restore it.

All work will be carried out at the expense of the regional budget. Design and estimate documentation has been developed for the object “Overhaul of the automobile bridge on Lenin street in Troitskoye of the Tselinny District of the Republic of Kalmykia “.

The project provides for the compaction of the roadbed with a partial widening of the roadway, the installation of a metal barrier from the northern and eastern parts of the pond, the restoration of destroyed sections of the road, the laying of an asphalt concrete pavement of the roadway with the alignment of the transverse profile to standard parameters.

Measures will also be taken to ensure the safety of pedestrians, for which it is envisaged to strengthen the upper layer of sidewalks on the left side of the bridge, in the direction to the east, to install railings and road signs and to apply markings.

Based on the results of the electronic auction, the work is being carried out by the contractor LLC INCOM, which will complete the overhaul in September.

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