Mishustin approved the rules of cashback when buying tours in Russia

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Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the rules for refunds when buying tours in Russia. The decree was published on the government website on Tuesday, August 11.

“The subsidy is provided to the society in order to reimburse in 2020 the costs incurred (…) as a result of reimbursing a part of the costs to the tourist for paying for the tourist service,” the document says.

To return part of the funds for the purchase of a tour in Russia, you need to pay for it with a Mir bank card, which will subsequently receive a cashback. In addition, the cost of the tour must be at least 25 thousand rubles, and its duration must be at least four nights.

All regions of Russia participate in the program. The refund amount depends on the cost of the trip. Tourists who have spent 25 thousand rubles or more will get 5 thousand rubles back. With a tour cost of 50 thousand rubles, cashback will be 10 thousand rubles. A refund of 15 thousand rubles is provided for those who paid from 75 thousand rubles.

The government allocated 15 billion rubles to return part of the funds for tours around Russia, this decision was made in mid-July. Then Mishustin noted that tourism is one of the most promising industries, but against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, this area was in a difficult situation.

The program starts on the night of August 21 and will last a week. More than 700 tour operators and more than 3 thousand hotels have connected to it. All regions of the country participate in it.

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