Minneapolis City Council Has Not Received Permission To Kill Police

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Our newspaper has already reported that Minneapolis City Council, following the death of George Floyd, decided to replace the police department with a “Department of Public Safety and Violence Prevention,” which supporters say would take a more “holistic” approach. But in order to put this issue to the vote of the residents of the city, the commission on the charter of the city council, in accordance with the established procedure, had to make a decision on amending this charter.

Only after making such a decision, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, it would be possible to ask the opinion of the residents. City council members assumed that they would be able to put this issue to a vote in November, simultaneously with the presidential elections. But it was not so. The Charter Commission said it needs more time to consider the City Council amendment to dismantle the police department, so it will not be able to make a decision now, and therefore, the vote on this matter is likely not to take place this year. “The council says we will deal with this after it is approved, trust us. Well, I don’t know, and we shouldn’t rush, ”said Barry Clegg, chairman of the charter committee. “Changing the charter is too important.” According to the draft wording of the amendment, published on the Internet, the new department, proposed by the city council, “will be responsible for public safety services, prioritizing a holistic, public health-oriented approach.” The director of the new agency will have “non-law enforcement experience in public safety services, including, but not limited to approaches to public health and / or restorative justice.” A verbal blizzard, behind which common sense is lost. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey told The Associated Press that he continues to oppose the liquidation of the police department.

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