Melania Trump calls for four more years for ‘Donald’

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Washington | “We need my husband to be our president for four more years.” Melania Trump praised “Donald” on Tuesday, in particular praising his response to the “terrible pandemic” of Covid-19.

“He is not a traditional politician. He does not just talk, he gets results, ”launched the First Lady of the United States, criticizing on several occasions, echoing the repeated attacks of the American president, the attitude of the media.

On the second day of a Republican convention where the new coronavirus was only very rarely mentioned, the ex-model of Slovenian origin, 50 years old, marked her difference by emphasizing the devastation caused by the virus.

“Since March, our lives have radically changed (…) I know that many people are worried, I want you to know that you are not alone”, she launched from the gardens of the White House .

Promising that “Donald” would do everything possible to take care of all those affected, she denounced the “attacks” of the Democratic camp and the “gossip” carried by the media.

Ten weeks before the presidential election, the speech of Donald Trump’s third wife was all the more expected as she has been far behind since the start of the campaign.

Very discreet since her arrival at the White House, she had never made such a plea in favor of her husband, 24 years her senior.

The 2016 fiasco

In this speech read with application on the two telepromptors placed in front of her, the “First Lady” helped to convey a less anxiety-provoking message than that conveyed so far by the “Grand Old Party”.

With this speech, the First Lady also hoped to forget the fiasco of 2016. Her first major speech at the Republican convention had taken entire passages from a speech by another “First Lady”, she much more present: Michelle Obama.

The Republican billionaire’s team had announced a “very optimistic and cheerful” convention. But it is by evoking the possible “death of the American dream” if Joe Biden wins that the American president officially launched his re-election campaign on Monday.

The Democratic candidate, a veteran of American politics, quipped Tuesday, via his campaign team, about a “sad and incoherent” convention, riddled with “lies”.

Largely ahead in national polls, given beaten, by a shorter lead, in many key states, Donald Trump was officially invested Monday by his party in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has promised another victory.

Unprecedented in modern political history, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo spoke at the convention in a video recorded the day before in Jerusalem.

It is customary for the Secretary of State to stay away from these partisan high masses, whether they are Democrats or Republican.

Eric and Tiffany

“Hello, I am Mike Pompeo, I am speaking to you from the magnificent city of Jerusalem,” he said, in a message clearly intended for the evangelical electoral base of the billionaire Republican.

“President Trump has put his vision of America First into action. It may not have made it popular in every capital city around the world, but it worked ”.

As on the first evening, the president’s family took center stage, with the speeches of his children born from previous marriages: Eric and Tiffany Trump (36 and 26 years old respectively).

On Monday, his eldest son Donald Trump Jr summed up the upcoming presidential election to a choice between “church, work and school” and “riot, looting and vandalism”. And praised his reaction to the virus “from China”.

At no time, in the various videos released during the evening, in particular a naturalization ceremony at the White House, was the American president wearing a mask.

The billionaire will officially accept Thursday, and for the second time, the nomination of his party, during a speech in the gardens of the White House.

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