Medical workers working with covid patients will be provided with hot meals

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All health workers in the Kaluga region working with covid patients in the red zone will be provided with hot meals. This initiative was made by the United Russia party, reports on Monday, December 14, following a meeting of the regional operational headquarters, the press service of the Kaluga government.

“According to the chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Kaluga Region Gennady Novoseltsev, the United Russia faction deputies believe that the diet of doctors who work with critically ill patients can be expanded. The party is raising funds to provide various assistance to medical organizations and may provide funds for this task. Volunteers will take care of food delivery to hospitals, “the press service said.

The initiative was approved by the Kaluga governor Vladislav Shapsha. “It is important that doctors do not remain alone with their problems. The executive branch will fulfill its obligations, but if deputies and the party join this assistance, everyone will only benefit. I ask you to organize this work,” the head of the region said.

Of the 2,210 Kaluga doctors working in the red zone of round-the-clock hospitals, 868 people are already receiving hot meals. It is purchased by chief doctors. There are funds for this in hospitals.

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