Bride Dies of COVID-19 After Canceled Wedding

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A resident of the American state of Texas died of coronavirus infection five days after her wedding was to take place, writes the New York Post.

It is noted that 29-year-old Stephanie Lynn Smith was supposed to get married on November 13, but a few days before the wedding, she fell ill with what she thought was shingles.

The girl went to the doctor who prescribed medication for her, but her condition continued to deteriorate. As a result, the groom took Stephanie to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with coronavirus infection and pneumonia.

Smith was sent home, but the next day she had to return to the treatment center. The girl’s blood oxygen level dropped sharply. The patient spent her own wedding day in the hospital.

Later, on November 18, doctors reported the girl’s death. According to them, the patient’s heart stopped four times. They tried to restart him with the help of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but the last time they failed to return her pulse.

In August last year, it was reported that a resident of the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh had arranged a wedding at the funeral of his deceased bride. The couple worked together in Japan. When they decided to get married, the bride returned to Vietnam to prepare for the wedding. However, as a result of an accident, the girl died.

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