Media: Cyberattack on US Departments Affected British Organizations

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Several British companies have been hit by a cyberattack that targeted the computer systems of the US administration last week, which some Western media have blamed for hackers working for Russia.

According to Sky News, London is assessing the scale of the hack and is investigating the damage that could have been caused by the cyber attack. However, it was not specified which institutions were targeted by the cyber attack. According to the TV channel, it has no data on the impact of the hacking on government organizations.

It is noted that the director of operations at the British National Center for Cybersecurity Paul Chichester urged companies to take measures to protect computer networks. According to him, there was a “complex global virtual incident” to understand its scale Britain is cooperating with international partners.

Earlier it was reported that a group of hackers received unauthorized access to the computer systems of the US MIB as a result of a cyber attack on December 13. The networks of the US Department of Commerce and the Treasury and Microsoft Corporation were also hacked. According to The Washington Post, hackers could gain access to data from the US State Department and the Pentagon.

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