Meaningful Ways to Improve Your Online Shopping Cart System

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The exact reality of e-Commerce websites according to recent e-commerce survey is that at least 59% (as per ‘Marketing Sherpa’) and 62.14% (as per ‘Market Live’) of potential customers are abandoning their shopping carts with no reason or some minor reasons. So, what are the reasons that are forcing the customers to abandon the shopping carts more frequently? Are designers of e-Commerce applications or websites the reason? Or, are there any other common guidelines or thumb rules that make it more difficult for the customers to purchase the products online?

To make your e-Commerce website profitable and improve online conversion rate, each website owner should make sure that the online shopping cart is easy to use, has good cart efficiency, design and usability. On top of everything, the shopping cart should have a secure checkout process. All these are the crucial steps in setting up a good shopping cart system. Setting up an efficient and effective shopping cart system is very essential for all the website owners and they need to offer variety of products in their website to attract the users and make the options user-friendly. If the website is user-friendly and if the website’s payment gateway is secure, it will not only improve sales but will lead to big purchases as well.

Some meaningful ways that will help in improving the adaptation rates of the products:

• Provide a user-friendly site and easy options to create online accounts.
• Display the benefits of creating an account at the right time so that the user feels comfortable to visit your site and looks in for buying things.
• Always satisfy the user with big options and offers.
• Satisfying your customer should be your first priority. After that, the focus should be on satisfying the needs of the marketing department.
• Don’t force users to finish the order as this creates lot of friction and anxiety in their mind.
• After accomplishing a sale, make sure that the customer is at the most co-operative point.
• The checkout options should be easy and convenient so that the users can process their payments without any hurdles.
• The payments should be done through a secured Payment gateway.
• There should be a completely linear Checkout Process/options.
• Should offer a continuous checkout option without forcing the users to fill out sensitive information at the very beginning of buying process.
• Understanding your customers comfort will help in gaining more customers.
• Add incentives in every sale to retrieve your future special offers. This will help you to build a valuable lasting online relationship.

In addition to the above, e-Commerce owners should concentrate on A/B testing which is highly recommended for shopping carts systems to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate by running a user test to conclude why users leave their carts midway and which way the owners can generate a highest conversion rate. So, this will definitely help the e-Commerce owners to determine the reasons why the customers abandon their carts and how you can make the necessary adjustments when this happens.

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