Lyubimov congratulated Ryazan athletes on the Athlete’s Day

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On Saturday, August 8, Governor Nikolai Lyubimov congratulated coaches, veterans and sports fans on the Athlete’s Day. The text of the message is posted on the website of the regional government.

The politician noted that in the Ryazan region the sports movement is actively developing: more and more Ryazan residents are involved in physical education and a healthy lifestyle. The Governor also recalled that within the framework of the federal project “Sport-Norm of Life” of the national project “Demography”, the head of state set the task – by 2024 to bring to 55% the share of Russians who systematically go in for physical education and sports. In the Ryazan region, the figure is already 43.5%, which is more than 430 thousand people. The head of the region expressed confidence in achieving the planned target of the project for 2020 of 44.8%.

Lyubimov added that over the past year, over 20 sports facilities were built in the region, including two sports and recreation centers. This year, a sports complex will open in Starozhilov, an indoor ice rink in Ryazan, and five TRP sites in the districts. The plans include the construction of a football arena in Ryazan and the modernization of the stadium in Ryazhsk.

According to the governor, sports achievements of Ryazan citizens serve as an example for young people. The region has excellent physical education teachers and coaches who foster a healthy future for the country, making a huge contribution to future Olympic victories.

The Ryazan region ranks 15th among the subjects of the country in the implementation of the TRP complex, its standards were fulfilled by more than 25 thousand people.

Nikolay Lyubimov wished everyone who considers sport a part of their life health, vigor and achievement of the most daring goals, new records and victories.

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