Loza sharply answered Utyasheva, who was ready to live on 50 thousand rubles

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Musician Yuri Loza criticized the gymnast and TV presenter Lyaysan Utyasheva, who declared her ability to live on 50 thousand rubles a month.

Earlier in an interview, Utyasheva noted that 50 thousand rubles a month would be enough for her, her husband and two children.

“If we are talking about Laysan Utyasheva, then we must probably remember that she has a husband who earns decently so that 50 thousand is enough for her. In principle, she may not earn at all, ”Loza commented to the site kp.ru.

According to him, he personally spent 50 thousand rubles only to pay for utilities for the house and summer cottage.

On August 7, producer Joseph Prigozhin expressed doubts about the possibility of living on 50 thousand rubles. He noted that he himself spends 1-3 million a month, and other artists also live on more than 50 thousand.

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