Long-Term Vitamin May Stop Coronavirus

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Scientists from India have proposed a new approach to the fight against coronavirus. Vitamin B12 can block the reproduction of COVID-19, experts say.

This is the conclusion reached by Indian researchers at the Regional Center for Biotechnology and the Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Scientists conducted computer simulations and found out which molecules are able to suppress the nsp12 virus, which is responsible for the reproduction of the virus.

It turned out that the copying of the virus can stop the form of vitamin B12. Experts have suggested that the vitamin can be used as a prophylaxis against coronavirus. This is especially true for medical staff, the elderly and people with chronic diseases, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Note that vitamin B12 is found primarily in animal products: eggs, turkey, beef, lamb, liver, cheese, milk, cod. It is also found in many multivitamin complexes.

Russian experts urged to be wary of such statements. The fact is that from the point of view of immunology, the effectiveness of B12 has not yet been confirmed, therefore, it cannot be recommended as a full-fledged antiviral drug.

As MK in Volgograd previously wrote, in the Volgograd region on the eve it became known about 107 new cases of coronavirus. Now 3,348 people are being treated with confirmed coronavirus, including 194 children.

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