Light Installation for Commercial Places

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Any commercial place’s whole setup is way different from your personal space like home in the aspects of architecture, spacing, HVAC and lighting, and incredibly light arrangement. Suppose you ever observe an office or showroom’s light. You can notice that the arrangement in which lights and bulbs are set is different from that of your house. Commercial lighting is utilised in offices, stores, colleges, hospitals, government buildings, and other areas that aren’t industrial, manufacturing, or residential. Businesses all over the world utilise commercial lighting fixtures both indoors and outdoors.

When commercial lighting fixtures are installed, they offer light in two ways:

  • Downlighting
  • Uplighting

Downlighting: As the name implies, is the movement of light downward from commercial lighting fixtures on or recessed in a ceiling.

Uplighting: When the direction of light is upwards to the ceiling, where it is bounced and reflected back down to the ground.


These lights can be used in almost any commercial structure as long as they provide safe and efficient lighting.

The lighting fixtures are commonly seen in the following areas:

  • High-bay lights that are arranged in a straight line
  • High Bay Lights with Vapour Tightness
  • High-Bay UFO Lights
  • Low-voltage lights


When you are choosing light fixtures from an LED light store, there are certain things that you need to be mindful of. The rest of the article will discuss some tips that you must remember while light installation at your workplace.


Energy Saving

Traditionally light and bulbs used to consume a lot of power that used to cost a lot of bills. But these days, thanks to the technology, we have successfully encountered the energy-efficient lights that work even on low power and do not pass enough current and avoid any short-circuit. In a commercial setup, there are several lights and working electrical appliances as well. If they are not energy efficient, you will need to pay a hefty amount to the electricity department every month. LEDs that haven’t received the energy star certification should be avoided. Low-quality, non-certified lights may be less expensive to register, but they may flicker, shift in colour, appear dull, produce uneven light, and have shorter life spans. LED lights with the energy star certification have met stringent performance requirements, ensuring that they will perform as expected.


High-Quality Fixture

Quality matters a lot when you are choosing bulbs and lights. There are several varieties, some of which we mentioned above. But make sure the fixtures are good quality and have a brand value. High-quality lights will work for more time, consume less energy, will not fade the colour after some time and even run on low voltage and won’t get damaged. Moreover, if you choose a low-quality brand that provides no guarantee with the fixtures, the bulbs and lights will stop working after some time without any chance of easy repair or replacement. So make sure you choose the fixtures from a reputed company that provides at least one year guarantee with lights.



As a commercial place is large in space, therefore it will require various types of numerous light fixtures, which need to be top-quality products. The products will obviously cost you a fortune. But this isn’t the case always. There are many leading light companies that are cheap in price but good in quality.

You need to research locally as well as inquire on the internet to shortlist these brands.


Environmental Friendly

As accountable citizens of the nation, you should choose the products that benefit the environment around us. Most LED lights are eco-friendly and are suitable for the environment as they are not harmful to the surroundings like incandescent bulbs which include dangerous elements like Mercury. The eco-friendly light will definitely be a little more costly than the traditional ones, but if you think for the betterment of your staff, clients, and the surroundings, it won’t bother you to opt for these bulbs.