Finally, A Natural and DEET-Free Mosquito Killer Spray For Everyone!

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The sun is out, and so are the mosquitoes. Summers are defined by raging hot winds, profuse sweating, oily skin, and mosquito bites. Imagine a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing over your head in the evening, getting all ready to take a bite into your skin. That surely does not sound like a good time to watch TV or sit in the park. But here’s something you may opt for to eliminate the nuisance- using an effective and natural mosquito killer spray.


In this pandemic-like situation, we should care for our near and dear ones. Mosquitoes and insects can be dangerous sometimes and can cause many diseases. Mosquitoes are considered one of the deadliest living beings since they are carriers of some of the most dangerous viruses and bacteria that cause malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. 


How to stay safe from mosquitos?


First, one should take care of one’s surroundings and check if there is a stagnant water reserve near or around the home since it can help breed mosquitoes quickly. Apart from using a mosquito killer spray, a smarter move is to take steps from the conscience and make conscious choices.


  • Use mosquito coils in outdoor areas but make sure to supervise them.
  • Use plug-in mosquito vaporizers in enclosed verandas.
  • Clean up your garden or remove any material where water can collect.
  • Keep garden plants and trees trimmed to reduce mosquito resting areas.
  • Seal the water tanks securely so that mosquitoes do not go in and breed.
  • Keep using Mamaearth mosquito killer spray to protect from their vicious bites.


Which is the best mosquito repellent in India?


We believe you should opt for a mosquito repellent that is safe to use but is equally effective. In addition, it should not contain any toxic ingredients or harmful chemicals because you would be spraying it close to yourself. 


We recommend using Mamaearth’s Mosquito Killer Spray. It is available as Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray.


Known as Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray, it keeps the mosquitoes at bay and serves as a shield to protect you from many diseases. This spray provides effective and long-lasting protection without causing any harm to the skin and body. 


This mosquito repellent or mosquito killer spray can be used by people of all age groups every day. In addition, it can be used through summers and rainy seasons without proven results.


  • Provides Natural Protection

This mosquito killer spray is made of important essential oils that help keep the mosquitoes away. The spray contains Citronella Oil that is known for its mosquito repellent properties. It can keep away the dengue-causing mosquito, the Aedes Aegypti. Other important essential oils are Lemon Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Eucalyptus oil, which have a great fragrance and keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. 


Applying the spray during peak mosquito hours is necessary if you are going out or even staying indoors. This mosquito killer spray has a MadeSafe certification and uses natural ingredients. Hence it is 100% safe to use on kids and adults. If you are someone who battles dry skin, make sure to use it post-application of your daily day cream for dry skin so that the moisture stays intact while mosquitoes stay away!


  • Perfect For Indoors and Outdoors Usage

Mosquitoes always find their way inside the home, even if your windows are shut, or the doors are locked. To keep yourself safe from an infectious bite, it is important to use the mosquito killer spray and create a barrier for the insects. You must spray from about 15 cm away from the skin and gently rub the fluid on the targeted or exposed area. 


Wait for a minute to let the spray seep in, and you are all covered up with an invisible shield. Though it is safe and made from skin-friendly ingredients, some of the essential oils might irritate your eyes or facial skin, so try and stick to the most exposed areas like limbs! 


  • No DEET

DEET is a chemical compound widely used in mosquito or insect repellent sprays. Though DEET is considered safe and may cause skin irritation in only some cases, it is still known for its highly corrosive properties. It can dissolve materials like nylon, plastic, paint, etc., which testimonies to the harmful side effects it can leave on the skin after long-term usage. 


Another important thing to know about DEET is the unpleasant smell that they leave after every usage. This is why, Mamaearth’s DEET-free mosquito killer spray comprises natural essential oils that are highly effective in repelling mosquitoes and other insects.


  • Safe for everyone

Mamaearth has multiple skincare products, from day cream for dry skin to face packs for oily skin. And the best part about each product is how they are formulated, i.e., using all-natural ingredients. For example, Mamaearth’s mosquito killer spray is a family-safe formula and is safe to use even on infants. The spray does not contain alcohol content and does not react to sensitive skin. 


This spray has no rashes, no itchiness, or redness- just pure protection guaranteed on every usage. The product have a mild fragrance and color because of natural ingredients, but it does not contain any toxins or any harmful ingredients.

Summing up

Mamaearth is one of the most trusted brands in India, which is known for its safe and effective hair care and skin care products. The mosquito killer spray ensures convenience & safety while being easily portable from one place to another. Just make sure to keep it in a cold & dry place so that the product stays effective for a long time. 


All the products at Mamaearth are FDA approved & dermatologically tested before bringing it out on the market. The brand believes in safety first, so initiatives have been taken to cut back on ingredients that harm the environment and humans. The best thing is that it is Asia’s first brand to be certified with Made Safe certification, which means that its products are made of non-toxic ingredients and are thus safe for regular home-based use.