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From the pitch-black to a rainbow-coloured house, every person has their own choice. Whether you are a fan of pastels or a fan of unique textures, you cannot go wrong with these interior trends. Whether you are looking for calming bedroom colours or vibrant colours to add to a living room, these are a few trends you can get behind.

Global trends

  1. A touch of Italy – Blue, red, and yellow are commonly found colours on house facades in this region. These colour combinations can work well inside the house as well. You can paint the walls yellow and complement them with blue and red furniture. Add a few distressed bookcases or shelves to make them feel more authentic. The blend of these wall colours with exposed brick walls makes for the perfect Italian-themed houses.
  2. Greek houses – Greek houses are popular for the use of white and blue to paint their facade. The pop of blue on the window, the door and the terrace railing make the unique features stand out. You can paint your house white and add blue artifacts like pots, planters, vases, or chests to make a house look like it has been inspired by Greek architecture. The addition of bougainvillea and other creepers that decorate the walls will just enhance the effect.
  3. Vintage French – French houses are known for embracing imperfections and making the vintage corners a part of modern buildings. Faded wallpaper or wall colour revealing the colour underneath the current one adds to the charm of the house. If you are looking for painting services in Mumbai that can help you recreate the French charm here is an excellent option. Another specialist of French houses is the use of various textures that overlap in harmony.
  4. Australian influence – Australia is a natural treasure and most houses in Australia incorporate as many elements of nature as possible. The use of timber native botanicals and natural textiles to decorate the house are some of the things that are commonly found. Creating patterns with leaves and using a colour scheme that is akin to the ocean or the soaring ridges is commonly found.
  5. Minimalistic like Austria – Although Austria has a long history of architecture that forms the city’s skylines there is a strong tradition about minimal interiors. Minimalistic architecture has always been preferred by people who like big open spaces. Minimalistic does not have to restrict the functionality or opulence of any of your walls or furniture pieces.
  6. Creating the Bahamas – In a place like the Bahamas that is high in humidity and the temperature can get uncomfortable, make use of the sea breezes and scenic views. Use materials that retain lower temperatures in the house and don’t allow heat to penetrate the walls. At the same time using colours that don’t absorb heat and keep the spaces cool is essential. You can use the colours that are most commonly seen which are brown with traces of green and ochre with traces of blue.
  7. Solid Belgium – Belgian interior is known for fluidity and lines. The application of the principle of design is evident in these homes and they are made better with the simplest proportions and regal colour combinations. Stick to symmetry, standard texture, and mainstream colours if you want a house inspired by Belgian design.
  8. Berlin wonder – The thing that has taken this place by a storm is terrazzo. Although the material is the base of terrazzo, you can replicate the designs on your walls to give your home a Berlin touch. Since you don’t have to worry about the material and you’re replicating the design to focus on the colours you can use as you can change them according to your taste and furniture. The conventional terrazzo design is a white wall with patches of blue yellow and spots of black in between.

Use these tips to make your house trendy by global standards!