Lies Become You Chapter 4: It Will Never Be Okay

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By Henry Jackson

If you’re a manga and comic fan, you’ve probably heard of Lies Become You. If not, you can get the latest manga and comic chapters online from the MANGA Panda website. You can also catch up with the newest branch at MANGA Union, where it’s a community event.

Latest Manga and Comic Lies Become you chapter 4

The latest chapter of the popular manga Lies Become You is now available online at MANGA Panda. The newest branch is the fourth in the popular series. The manga has an exciting storyline about a tribe that an empire has changed. When soldiers from the kingdom capture a young tribal girl as a tribute, she quickly learns more about life in the capital city than she ever dreamed possible. The plot of this comic is filled with culture clashes, colonization, and wildly imaginative world-building.

Bo-ra infiltrating the cult

In this chapter, Bo-ra infiltrates a cult. The infiltration is quite dramatic, with haunting chants, 3D lights, and a mysterious floating woman. While Bo-ra and Ji-Hyo continue their rivalry, they also cooperate, with the latter often being more knowledgeable of the cult’s ways.

Ji-Hyo is the one who first approaches Bo-ra. She tries to get him to leave her alone, but Bo-ra is unwilling to go. She tells him she did it because she doesn’t trust the police. He then says that she only trusted him once, and only when she was unconscious for three days could she trust him. Ji-Hyo mentions a time when Bo-ra was sniffing glue that Ji-Hyo didn’t believe. She then drinks some alcohol and passes out in a cafe.

The Bad Guy

Detective Kim, however, doesn’t take Ji-Hyo’s claims seriously and realizes that Ji-Hyo broke into Si-guy’s apartment. Ji-Hyo’s father then decides that he wants to talk to Ji-Hyo.

Lies become you, just like the paint that coats your nails, the clothes you wear, and the face you show the world. They’re a part of who you are and help define who you are to others. But what happens when those lies become so ingrained in your being that they begin to govern every decision you make? What happens when those lies become your identity? That’s when the bad guy starts to take over.

  1. The Bad Guy is someone who you can’t trust.
  2. He’s the one who always has something harmful in mind.
  3. He’s always looking for a way to hurt or harm you.
  4. You never know what he will do or say next, and it’s always risky to be around him.

Why He took revenge?

Colin felt he had been betrayed by the one person he thought he could trust. With his mind focused on the pain and anger bubbling inside of him, everything else in the world faded away.

He drank heavily and spent most of his time alone, thinking about how the person who had hurt him could have been prevented from doing so. For weeks, Colin wallowed in self-pity, not caring about anything or anyone but himself.

Then one day, an idea struck him. He would take revenge on the person who had wronged him, no matter what it took. He was determined to make them suffer for what they had done, even if it meant tearing them apart.

My Thoughts

  1. When I was younger, my parents would tell me a story about when they were out and about one day, and a guy came up to them asking for money. My mother immediately felt sorry for him and gave him what he asked for. Unfortunately, this man turned out to be a thief, and he stole everything from my parents. Since then, I’ve been extremely cautious of people who approach me asking for money or anything else. 
  2. Although it can be scary at first, being cautious has become one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s saved me from getting hurt many times and kept me from becoming a victim of crime.
  3. Living life in fear will never make us happy or successful, so we must learn how to handle situations like this positively. Instead of letting our fears get the best of us, we should try to take control of the problem and manage our emotions accordingly.


Lies Become You by James Frey was one of the most controversial books of recent memory. I remember being caught off guard when people accused the author of lying about certain parts of his book. After reading it, I couldn’t help but agree with some of the claims. Frey does an excellent job illustrating how our perception and interpretation of events can differ from what actually happened. As we learn more about ourselves and the world around us, it is essential to be careful not to let lies become us.