Lebanese President: new fire in the port of Beirut could be sabotage

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Lebanese President Michel Aoun, speaking at a meeting of the country’s Supreme Defense Council, at which the investigation of the causes of the explosion and fire in the port of Beirut was discussed, appealed to the national special services with a demand to expedite the clarification of the causes of the tragedy.

He also expressed concern about the next incident in the port, where on September 10 the fire broke out again.

“The special services need to promptly report on what provoked the next incident in the port. This fire could have been deliberate sabotage or the result of negligence,” the head of state said.

Recall, on August 4, an explosion occurred in the port of Lebanese Beirut due to improper storage conditions for a large consignment of confiscated ammonium nitrate. As a result of the emergency, the port was seriously damaged, 190 people died.

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