Lavrov assessed the possibility of improving relations between Russia and the EU

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Russia is always ready to normalize relations with the European Union, but they are unlikely to be good in the near future. This was announced on Wednesday, October 14, by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with journalists from Russian radio stations.

“They (relations. – Ed.) Are unlikely to be good in the foreseeable future, although not through our fault. We are always ready to renew, normalize, improve them on an equal and mutually respectful basis, ”Lavrov said.

The Foreign Minister also added that Russia sometimes has a question as to whether it is possible at all to deal with the EU, “which is not just condescending, but rather arrogantly and arrogantly looking at Russia.” According to Lavrov, the EU demands from Russia “to account for all the sins that we, according to the European Union, have committed.”

“I believe that we should not be accountable for anything, because we have, firstly, our own Constitution, our own laws,” added the head of the foreign ministry.

On October 13, Lavrov, in a conversation with the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, urged not to whip up anti-Russian sentiments, since this does not help stabilize the situation in Europe.

The minister also stressed that relations between Russia and the EU can be based “exclusively on equality and mutual respect of interests.” Therefore, according to him, the countries that set the tone in the European Union should abandon “attempts to conduct business from the standpoint of their own superiority and recognize that there is no alternative to an honest dialogue with facts in the hands of”.

Earlier on the same day, Borrell confirmed the EU’s decision to impose sanctions against Russia over blogger Alexei Navalny.

It is assumed that the EU sanctions will be individual in nature, affect nine Russian representatives and, as expected, will affect the traditional freeze of assets and a ban on entry into the EU.

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