“I have the right” in Germany: Extend the unused Fahrkarten during a pandemic

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Hello, employees of MK-Compatriot, lawyers of the column “I have the right”!

At the end of last year, a sensational campaign to help the people of Frankfurt and the people of Hesse “Over 65” took place in Frankfurt. Local Public Transport Association (RMVFrankfurt) in the Rhine-Main region offered everyone who turned 65 and older to purchase annual travel tickets for 2020 for all types of transport, the action of which extended across the territory of the federal state of Hesse. The ticket price is 365 euros, that is, 1 euro per day. For social workers who have the so-called FrankfurtPass, the ticket price was even cheaper – 239 euros.

Needless to say, it was not so easy to shell out such a one-time amount for people living on benefits. However, the temptation was too great to travel to other cities, diversify their leisure time, broaden their horizons. It would be unthinkable to make such walks for the full price of the ticket. Transport in Germany is very expensive.

After all, no one imagined that it was this year that such an attack would happen as the coronavirus pandemic, when not only Frankfurt, and not only Germany – the whole world was held hostage to this situation. Naturally, there could be no question of any trips now. Moreover, it was our age group that was identified as a high-risk group, and it was we who were recommended to stay at home. We sit, our coveted unused tickets are gathering dust. The second half of the year is underway and, alas, the end of the coronavirus crisis is not expected.

So, the question is as follows. Can the current situation be considered as force majeure? Is it possible to somehow compensate for the financial damage we have suffered or at least extend the validity of tickets for the next year? Does the law provide for a way out of this situation?

Victoria T., Frankfurt.

─ Dear Victoria!

Unfortunately, in this case it is impossible to return money or extend the validity of tickets by legal means. After all, the transport company has not abandoned its obligations and provides services. You can only try to negotiate with the counterparty bilaterally, based on the goodwill of the parties.

Maxim BRITANOV, attorney.

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