Kostroma clinch: loggers against Russian Railways

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The Kostroma region, possibly, in the near future will again be included in the news feeds of the largest Russian news agencies. The reason for this may be the Kostroma timber merchants, about whom recently on the central television in the program “Honest Detective” they said that they are honest people and work strictly according to the law.

Well, if so, then it was this circumstance, most likely, that prompted the Kostroma loggers to a desperate demarche – our forest workers decided to protest against … the policy of Russian Railways. The essence of the conflict between our loggers and the railway monopolist comes down, as usual, to money … which Russian Railways wants to receive from them for nothing. Well, that is, of course, not for nothing, but for the service of weighing wagons loaded with timber.

The fact is that some time ago, customs officers discovered a batch of wagons with timber, which weighed much more than indicated in the documents. On this occasion, Russian Railways, without further ado, issued an internal order – all the wagons with wood must be weighed without fail, and for weighing to take from the cargo owners 2,000 rubles for each wagon. Well, if the loggers do not want to weigh their cargo at Russian Railways stations, then let them buy their own railway scales, which cost from 2 to 4 million rubles.

It was this demand to pay for the service, which even during the Soviet era was rendered free of charge, that angered the Kostroma timber industry union, which sent a corresponding protest document to the Russian Government.

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