Konyukhov appealed to Putin with a request to take control of the preservation of the Nakhodka Bay

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Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov sent an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to take control over the preservation of Nakhodka Bay and Wrangel Bay in Primorye. He announced this on his Instagram page.

He noted that natural disasters occur in the region almost every year and the construction of a plant for the production of methanol and nitrogen fertilizers on the coast may entail serious environmental consequences, reports TASS.

“This week, I sent an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society, Vladimir Putin, with a request to take personal control over the issue of preserving the Nakhodka Bay and Wrangel Bay from potentially hazardous industries from an ecologically point of view,” Konyukhov wrote.

The traveler explained that the contractor, the Chinese company China Chengda Engineering, is bulldozing a hill two kilometers from the village of Wrangel in order to equip a construction site there. Konyukhov added that now the Wrangel Bay is one of the most polluted in Primorye.

“Building a chemical plant in such a place where millions of tons of chemicals will be dumped for mixing, endangers not only nature, but also the health of local residents due to the monsoon climate with strong winds in winter and lingering rains in summer. Sooner or later, man-made or human factors can lead to the spilling of chemicals and their spread by winds and currents throughout the agglomeration of Nakhodka, ”the appeal says.

The Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NZMU), which will produce ammonia and methanol in the village of Wrangel, is expected to be completed in 2026. The commissioning of this enterprise is expected to create more than 1.5 thousand jobs. The project includes a plant for the production of 1.8 million tons of methanol per year, two plants for the production of 1.8 million tons of ammonia per year, an off-site facility, ancillary facilities, a marine terminal for exporting products and its own power generation.

In March it was reported that Konyukhov and the Institute of Oceanology. P.P. Shirshov RAS will sign an agreement on cooperation, one of the goals of which is ecological monitoring of the World Ocean.

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