Komarovsky: this method will help identify infected with coronavirus

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The famous pediatrician spoke about the features of the key sign of an insidious infection. It is about the loss of smell and taste. In addition, in his Telegram channel, Yevgeny Komarovsky told about a simple way to diagnose the disease.

According to the TV presenter, with the flu, the scent can also disappear, but for completely different reasons. For example, due to edema of the mucous membrane and edema of cells sensitive to odors. As for coronavirus infection, there is practically no runny nose with it, but there is still no sense of smell. This is due to the fact that the virus infects special cells supported by neurons that are responsible for the perception of smell and taste.

The doctor noted that this particular symptom is diagnostic. It is much more efficient than thermometry.

Komarovsky proposed to identify COVID-19 using the test “What Does It Smell About?” To do this, you need to rub a rag with garlic and ask people with a temperature in the morning what it smells like.

– If he distinguishes the smell, then thank God, banal ARVI, let’s go to work or study, if not – sends him home, – the doctor emphasized.

The sense of smell is most often restored after 3 weeks, but sometimes the process can take up to three months, summed up Komarovsky.

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