Jeffrey Epstein’s house will be destroyed

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Located on the oceanfront in Palm Beach, Florida, the house owned by Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of sex crimes and committed suicide in prison, will be demolished by developer Todd Glazer who bought it.

On the site of an estimated $ 22 million estate with a living area of ​​14,000 sq. ft Glazer is set to build a modern residential complex that is hoping to sell for $ 40 million. Glazer says the house will not be demolished because of the Epstein connection, but is a purely business decision that takes into account the high demand for luxury housing in the area. “About 50 million buyers are looking to buy luxury housing here,” says Glazer, “and they have nothing to offer.”

This is not to say that Glazer does not understand the symbolism behind the decision to demolish Epstein’s estate. “Palm Beach will be happy if this house is destroyed,” he says. – It definitely has a shameful stain on it. And some kind of unhealthy energy comes from him. “

Epstein bought the house in 1990 for $ 2.5 million. They say that it cost Glazer $ 18 million, but the developer himself does not confirm these rumors.

Not all of Epstein’s real estate will be demolished. His block house, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is now up for auction for an initial price of $ 88 million.

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