Ivanovo prepares for warming and snowfalls

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Vladimir Sharypov, re-elected as the head of the city, today held a working meeting dedicated to snow removal and removal.

City officials are preparing for the coming warming season and heavy snowfalls. In this regard, the mayor demands from the public utilities to take out as much snow as possible and free the rainwater collectors by the weekend. So that the city does not drown in the snow porridge and melt water.

The MUP “Specialized motor depot for housing in the city of Ivanov” says that they are now taking out up to 2 thousand cubic meters of snow per day and are ready to take up to 120 units of special equipment for cleaning. MUP “SAZHKH” itself owns about 80 machines, the rest belong to subcontractors.

Vladimir Sharypov recommended that the management of the municipal enterprise cleaning Ivanovo provide all its employees with the opportunity to be vaccinated against coronavirus infection.

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