Italian Prime Minister will raise the issue of confidence in the government on January 18

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will address the Chamber of Deputies of the national parliament, where he will raise the issue of confidence in the government on Monday 18 January. This was reported by the newspaper La Repubblica on Thursday, January 14.

Earlier on the same day, Conte informed the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, about his intention to clarify in parliament the political situation that had developed after the resignation of two ministers from the Living Italy party.

As a result of the departure of party representatives from the Council of Ministers in Italy, the prospect of a government crisis took shape. This happened due to disagreements over the recovery plan from the consequences of the pandemic, since most of the funding comes from the European Union.

In connection with the resignation of two ministers of this party, the current coalition may lose a majority in parliament without the votes of the Living Italy party. Thus, the government risks getting a vote of no confidence.

The Italian Minister of Agriculture and the Minister for Equal Opportunities have resigned. Both politicians are members of the Living Italy party. The unification decision means that the party leaves the ruling coalition. Thus, the coalition loses its majority in parliament. The head of the party, former prime minister Matteo Renzi, said that Living Italy is ready to go into opposition.

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