Intelligence of Ukraine boasted of “data transmission” through the Mir station

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The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (SVR) published a video in which it demonstrated how a Ukrainian “agent” transmits data via a satellite similar to the Russian orbital station Mir, which was flooded in 2000.

The video titled “Ukrainian 007” is published on YouTube. The video shows the actions of “Ukrainian agents” who are confronting armed bearded people.

In the story, having closed in a cafe, the scout transmits secret data via satellite communications. At the same time, for some reason, the Russian Mir station with a docked Soyuz spacecraft is shown, RIA Novosti notes on August 22.

After a successful operation, the Ukrainian agent cleverly hides from his pursuers, engaging in a fight with them.

The Mir orbital complex was in operation from 1986 to 2000, after which it was sunk in the ocean. The video of Ukrainian intelligence officers amused the users of the Network.

“I hope this was not filmed at the expense of the budget?”, – wrote the users under the corresponding post on Facebook.

“You get data on the spot, open to review from all sides <...> Separately, I was pleased with the grace in the form of a cup of coffee, on which the fingers remain in the burden of the investigation,” added the commentators.

In March, a Defense Express video about the “might” of the Ukrainian army made social media users laugh. The footage demonstrates the 54th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a practical lesson.

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