Institutional racism: Kamala Harris accuses Trump of living in a “different reality”

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Kamala Harris, running mate of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, accused President Donald Trump on Sunday of living in a “different reality”, because of his remarks denying the reality of institutional racism in the United States.

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The Republican billionaire and his Minister of Justice “spend all their time in a different reality,” accused the senator from California, a mixed-race woman of Jamaican and Indian origin.

“There are indeed two different legal systems”, for blacks and for whites, supported Kamala Harris, herself accused by some of her critics of having been particularly harsh against minorities when she was a prosecutor in California in the 2000s.

There are “racial inequalities in the United States and a system that has participated in racism, in terms of law enforcement,” she added.

“It doesn’t do us good to deny it. It is necessary to talk about it. Let’s be honest ”.

Mme Harris was speaking two days after the White House announced that Donald Trump was ending anti-racism training in the US federal administration on the grounds that it was “divisive and anti-American propaganda” .

During a visit to Wisconsin this week, a state plagued by racial tensions since an apparent police blunder paralyzed a young black man, Donald Trump refused to speak about racism, as he was arrested by a journalist.

“You keep coming back to the opposite subject. We should talk about violence ”, which has sometimes punctuated the recent and numerous anti-racism demonstrations in the United States, he replied.

Interviewed during the week, the Minister of Justice William Barr had for his part assured that justice was the same for everyone in the United States. “I think you have to be careful when you brandish this idea of ​​racism,” he said, adding that racism was “not as common as people say”.

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