Anatoly Yaryshkin’s cats can be seen in Simferopol

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If you make a search engine query “Anatoly Yaryshkin” – you will immediately see pictures of cats, so colorful, as if they are the heroes of a famous cartoon. As the author of these cats himself admitted, fate really promised them an animated career with the director of the cartoon “Treasure Island” David Cherkassky, but life turned out a little differently …

Nevertheless, these mustachioed-striped ones did not go unnoticed: in addition to sympathy for these works from the viewers at exhibitions, the Eksmo publishing house published a series: Notebooks “Resort cats” by Anatoly Yaryshkin. Anyway, these cute creatures “populated” all the essentials.

These are such polly Crimean cats!

They were made using the technique of overglaze painting.

But today we will not talk about Yaryshkin cats (although about them as well), but about the opening of the anniversary author’s exhibition of Yaryshkin’s ceramic paintings in Simferopol, in the House of Artists.

And he, it should be noted, is a pro in this matter: In 1991 he graduated from the Department of Interior and Equipment of the Kharkov Institute of Art and Industry. In his first year at the institute, Anatoly was sent to serve in the army in St. Petersburg, where he worked at the Ceramic Factory. Returning to the institute, Anatoly Yaryshkin continued to study the art of ceramics and experimented.

Having thirty years of experience behind him in this field of activity, the artist periodically conducts master classes in his workshop (in Sevastopol): under the guidance of the master, students mold cups or vases from specially mixed chamotte clay cups or vases raku (raku with translation from Japanese – pleasure), cover them glaze and are present during firing.

And Anatoly Yaryshkin is the author of “bottlemorts” – still lifes with bottles of different colors and quirky shapes.

The exhibition also featured mysterious landscapes of the Crimean coast and figures of naked women …

– This is a delight of color and shine that you want to eat, – as one of the guests of the exhibition put it.

A whole delegation from Sevastopol arrived in support of a comrade by train!

Comrades “in the shop” artists Konstantin Tsikhiev, Ramazan Useinov and many others congratulated Anatoly on the opening of this amazing exhibition.

Do you want to make sure if the master’s works are as good as they write about them? – come to the Republican House of Artists (Simferopol, Karl Marx St., 13/16).

The exhibition will last until September 15… Free admission.

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