In Yaroslavl, for more than a month, they are catching a “big lover of women” who escaped from a mental hospital

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In Yaroslavl, for more than a month, an operation to capture a man who escaped from a psychiatric clinic has been going on.

The 63-year-old patient was in a psychiatric hospital under compulsory treatment. He is credited with several rapes and is dangerous. The man has a great interest in the female sex.

If we take into account his dimensions – height 190 and “oblique fathoms in the shoulders”, then you understand the whole danger of meeting with him. In the orientation of the police, it was indicated that the man is very cunning, easily enters into trust.

He escaped from the hospital in slippers and a T-shirt. It is clear that he cannot hide in this form for a whole month. In addition, such a large-sized man should eat regularly, he did not switch to pasture. So he lives with someone.

So far there are more questions than answers. The police did not comment, the search continues.

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