In Yaroslavl, five families from a house on Batova have already bought new apartments

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On December 24, the fifth family from a house on Batova Street, which suffered from a gas explosion, will be able to move into a new apartment before the New Year.

The Yaroslavl house was damaged by an explosion on August 21. And already in September of this year, it was decided that 12 families will receive new apartments by the end of 2020. It was the homes of these families that suffered the most.

Now housing is gradually being purchased. For these purposes, 29.3 million rubles have been allocated. The cost of new housing is taken as the average market – at the rate of 42 389 rubles per square meter.

Most families will have to pay extra for new apartments. 11 families agree to this. The 12th owner informs that he does not have the necessary funds for additional payments.

However, the acquisition process is moving forward. For the 5th apartment, funds were transferred from the regional budget to the seller. All documents are signed. Victims can move into their apartment.

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