In Transbaikalia, a man robbed a boutique and distributed money to those in need

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Police officers of the Trans-Baikal Territory detained a man in the Priargunsky district, who is suspected of stealing 800 thousand rubles from a shopping boutique. The attacker distributed the stolen money to those in need, according to the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs on September 10.

Militiamen received a message that unknown persons entered the premises of the outlet and stole three laptops and a safe, which contained 800 thousand rubles. The investigation established that a 23-year-old resident of the village of Novotsuruhaytui entered the boutique through a window.

The suspect was arrested and confessed. The attacker said that he got the idea to rob a store when he saw a light burning in the window of a shopping center at night. The man checked the security system of the store by throwing a stone into the glass, but no one approached the window. Then, through the roof of the building attached to the house, the attacker entered the second floor, broke the glass and made his way inside.

“According to the man, he distributed part of the stolen funds to people begging for alms, and put some in donation boxes. This information is currently being verified, ”the message says.

Another 57 thousand rubles were seized.

A criminal case was initiated on the fact of theft on a large scale. As a measure of restraint, the suspect was taken into custody.

In April 2018, a resident of the village of Kurenets in Belarus stole 200 rubles (about 6 thousand Russian rubles) and spent almost half of the money on ice cream for children.

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