In the United States, a vaccine against coronavirus was tested in mice

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A vaccine against coronavirus infection of the American company “Moderna” is undergoing the third phase of clinical trials on volunteers. The drug has already been tested on animals.

The experiment involved laboratory mice. They were divided into two groups. The first vaccine was administered twice with an interval of three weeks. After five and thirteen weeks, they tried to infect the mice with the coronavirus, but the disease did not occur: as a result of vaccination, stable immunity was developed.

The second group of mice received the vaccine once, but they also had immunity: after seven weeks, the animals were tried to infect the coronavirus, but no one got sick.

Scientists conducted another experiment: the vaccine was administered to rodents, but in a small dose, and then infected with coronavirus. But neither pneumonia nor breathing difficulties were detected in them, that is, the disease, although it came, but in a mild form, reports the Doctor TV channel.

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