In the south of Volgograd, they are finishing repairing the passage along Gorodovikova Street

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In Krasnoarmeysky District, the contractor is laying the finishing layer of asphalt concrete covering a total area of ​​4,200 square kilometers.

The highway along Gorodovikova Street is one of the main thoroughfares in the village 1-3 Volgo-Don. It also leads to the arboretum and maternity hospital number 4 in the Krasnoarmeysky district.

The road has served without major repairs for more than 20 years and has come to an unsatisfactory condition. At the request of the Volgograd residents, the municipality included the street in the national project.

According to the mayor’s office, more than 450 tons of asphalt-concrete mixture were laid in the leveling layer on the street, all the wells of engineering networks were put in order.

The contractor company will tidy up the roadside: more than 700 square meters of the road edge will be covered with crushed stone and compacted with a roller.

The municipality is monitoring the progress of the road renovation. The correspondence of the quality of materials to the normative indicators is checked by the employees of the MU “Komdorstroy”, the mayor’s office said.

In total, about 40 road objects will be restored and built in Volgograd this year, which became possible thanks to the auctions held in advance by the municipality to determine the contractor.

The restoration of transport infrastructure in the Volgograd region has been a priority area of ​​work for the authorities since 2014. During this time, over 250 kilometers of highways have been repaired and built.

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