In the Ryazan region they help the only inhabitant of an abandoned village

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Ombudsman for human rights in the Ryazan region Natalya Epikhina told the story of the only resident of an abandoned village in the Sapozhkovsky district. The Ombudsman posted the post on her page in the social network.

Natalya Epikhina wrote that caring people informed her about the situation via the Internet. The village where the man lives can be reached only across the field along a country road; in winter the road is not cleaned. He has a passport, but still of the Soviet model. He has no money. “The seniority is solid. He worked in high positions in the Plekhanov Institute, the Federal Treasury, the Museum of the Revolution … But, until retirement is still 1.5 years, “- wrote the Ombudsman.

After the illness, the man was out of work, at the suggestion of his relatives he moved to Sapozhok. For some time he lived with them, then in a monastery. When I was on the street, I was sheltered by a large family. They offered to temporarily live in the old house of their parents. It’s been like this for four years. A man lives in the village alone, looks after the sheep, knows each one by voice and name. The owners of the house help him with food.

A resident of an abandoned village asked an authorized representative to help him. Natalya Epikhina noted that work is now underway to issue a Russian passport. At the same time, issues with health, housing and possible employment are being addressed.

The Ombudsman thanked the Soloviev family for their indifference and help to a lonely person in a difficult life situation, the director of the Sapozhkovsky complex center of social services and social workers who did a great job to help the man and his life.

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