In the Astrakhan region, another 32 people were infected with the coronavirus

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The epidemic continues

Despite all the claims against the Ministry of Health, this is the only source of information on the spread of coronavirus infection in the region. And although the majority of Astrakhan people have long raised certain doubts about it, we still cite the data of the epidemiological summary to date.

Over the past day, 32 more Astrakhan residents have become infected with the coronavirus, thereby increasing the total number of infected people to 4928 people. At the same time, 5,292 Astrakhan residents have already recovered from a dangerous disease, of which only 3,966 have a positive test result. 52 people have died, the last deceased became known yesterday, but details have not yet been reported.

657 people are now in covid hospitals, and the infection prevalence rate is 1.01. The latter indicator has slightly decreased compared to yesterday (1.11), but remains above the limit.

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