Cancer possible: this oil cannot be used for frying

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Irina Berezhnaya, a gastroenterologist and nutritionist, explained that when frying, this oil releases substances that destroy health.

We are talking about butter, the use of which is fraught with human health.

According to the specialist, during heat treatment, the composition of this oil changes, which increases the risk of developing cancer.

It has been found that when heated above 70 degrees, free radicals are released from butter. If you eat such food for a long time, then the likelihood of cancer may increase, the gastroenterologist warns.

But if you use butter fresh and in moderation, it will not harm a person and his cholesterol metabolism in any way.

The doctor recommended frying food in olive oil, as the high temperature does not cause the formation of free radicals that contribute to cancer.

As for lard, here the nutritionist believes that with long-term use of this fat of animal origin and high temperatures, dangerous compounds can arise, writes MedicForum.

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