In St. Petersburg, the wife dismembered the rapper Versus Battle Andy Cartwright

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In one of the apartments in St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospekt, the body of the rapper Versus Battle Andy Cartwright was found, packaged in packages. As the site reports on July 30, the lawyer of the deceased’s wife, Marina, told the police about the body.

According to the lawyer, the wife dismembered her husband’s body after he died of a drug overdose. A TASS source in law enforcement clarifies that, according to preliminary data, the remains belong to Alexander Konstantinovich Yushko (real name of the musician). “The remains were in the refrigerator in packages. A woman was arrested, presumably his partner, ”said the agency’s source.

The wife’s lawyer also notes that she was detained for questioning. The woman explained her act by saying that she wanted to hide the death of Cartwright from the fans.

The police seized a hammer, a knife, a cutting board, a hacksaw for metal, a plastic basin and a pillowcase from the scene.

The last time the rapper was on the social network was July 27.

Andy Cartwright was born in Ukraine. Initially, he began to rap in his entourage, but at the end of 2013 he recorded the album “The Coming of the Deaf Cat”. After that, he was called to the rap battle Versus. In his symbolism, according to fans, the musician used mystical themes, notes

Earlier on Thursday, the media, citing law enforcement agencies, reported that a St. Petersburg woman dismembered and packed the body of her Ukrainian husband in bags. It was noted that the 31-year-old man died on July 25, presumably from a drug overdose. His 36-year-old wife did not report to the police and decided to dispose of the corpse on her own by dismembering the body and packing the remains in five bags.

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